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Outdoor Birthday Table
Banner ring bearer Christy wedding_edited.png

Banner Davut Watson

our firstborn son


6 May 2011

Heaven Day

Favorite Food:

Ice cream
Mantı (Turkish ravioli with garlic yogurt and melted butter)

Most notable characteristics:

Enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly, strong-willed, articulate, smart, opinionated, and sometimes overbearing :-) 

About Banner Davut

Banner Davut was a vibrant, energetic first grader who had an incredible thirst for knowledge and relished being the older brother to Aslan and River. He was inquisitive and emotional with a strong love for his family and friends. He was a passionate kid who enjoyed eating, running, swimming, reading, and more eating. He often influenced others, especially Aslan, holding them to the rules given by adults. He was most comfortable when he knew the schedule and had a written checklist of what to do. He loved talking about the names of kids in his classes, sharing anecdotes about his day (especially gym class), doing math problems out loud in the car with Daddy, having a snack after school with Mommy. He always wanted to learn more about the world around him, and constantly peppered us with questions about it. Some of his favorite things were his workbooks, his world map blanket, his Action Bible, his new kids CD player from Grandma, his Uno card game, and desserts of all kinds. Even in the last month, he had some of his beloved “boys nights” and “boys sleepovers” with Daddy and Aslan. We will miss his brilliant mind, his beautiful heart, his singing, and his huge presence in our lives. His spirit will live on in Heaven and with us forever.

Life Timeline

May 2011

July 2011

May 2014

Dec 2014 - June 2016

Jan - May 2016

Nov 2017

March 2018

Dec 2019

Banner is born at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, MD, just six miles from where Francis Scott Key penned the  Star-Spangled Banner (America's national anthem) in 1814.

Mom and Dad move to Ankara, Turkey, where Dad will start PhD.

Banner's little brother (and best buddy) Aslan is born in Ankara, Turkey.

Banner attends Çekirdek Yuva for preschool in Ankara, Turkey.

Banner spends a semester with his family in Wyoming, USA.

Banner's little sister River is born.

Banner passes from this life to the life beyond.

Banner's youngest sibling Brave is born and named after Banner in multiple ways. 

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