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We hope you’re enjoying Banner’s Bookshelves at one of Çekirdek’s locations. Banner Davut loved books. His own collection of books has now further grown with each of his successive siblings— Aslan, Nehir, and Cesur. We have filled these little library shelves with books from that collection that Banner read in his lifetime. They are for you to enjoy and return when you’re done. If you particularly love a specific book and want to borrow it longer than a few days, please put another book in its place, so the shelves stay full! 

Banner at Cekirdek 2016.jpg

Banner Davut was a student at Çekirdek from 2014-2016 and joyfully spent much of his life there. Çekirdek continues to be a family for us. Some of Banner Davut’s former teachers now teach our other kids, alongside your own children.

As you visit the bookshelves please take photos with your kids, share them on Instagram, and tag them with #bannersbookshelf.

Alternatively, you can email them to and they will be added to our Banner's Bookshelf Instagram account.

You can help us spread the love from Banner Davut’s life.


We thank Neslihan Başaran, Çekirdek’s founder and owner, for her ongoing love for Banner Davut and our family. We are so grateful for her enthusiasm in this project. We also thank Duygu Aşçıoğlu, Çekirdek’s interior and exterior designer, for her tireless and devoted work in designing beautiful pieces for us to assemble.

Expressive Art Class

In my journey through grief and child loss, I (Karalyn, Banner Davut’s mom) have found art to be a lifeline for processing and reflection. I now teach an expressive art class (for beginners, amateurs, or experts!) downtown at an atelier/gallery in Esat. Contact us for more info or to learn how to register for the class.

We are both authentic and eager to connect with others through Banner Davut’s life and legacy. Please reach out to us using the contact page below. We hope to hear from you!

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